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About Us

Company History

Started in 2009 Shawshank LEDz by Robert Vasquez and Brian Freeland. The two had worked together previously in the Christmas industry by inventing and patenting clips to put your lights up on your house without a ladder. This is where they learned about inventing products and selling to retailers.

In 2006 they opened up independently owned hardware stores and began to learn what it takes to be a retailer. They began life to fill a need for incremental impulse goods for their own hardware stores. They sought quality-affordable impulse items for their stores. Furthermore, running hardware stores in Arizona, they also discovered a big need for quality UV flashlights for Scorpion hunting…an Arizona homeowner pastime.

Over the years they have teamed up with other inventors to bring a much wider assortment of products into their lineup.

Who We Are

Brian Freeland-entrepreneur, retailer, and inventor. Brian ran 3 Ace Hardware stores with his business partner and learned the “retailer” perspective first hand. When Brian was looking for quality, high margin impulse items…he couldn’t find them-he made them! Frequent trips to China vetted out patents, innovation and created long-term exclusive factory relationships.

Robert Vasquez-entrepreneur, retailer and graphic artist. Robert and Brian both teamed up to create Shawshank while they operated their retail stores. It became apparent when other retail stores started ordering their impulse items again and again that their retailer experience was the key to creating “the ultimate impulse experience”. Their experience to “think like a retailer” helped them design innovative features in their products, displays and build programs that resonate with other retailers.

Our Mission

To provide all channels of retail with quality impulse categories from Every day, Summer Seasonal and Holiday items. To provide the customer with the best possible impulse experience. To provide the retailer and their store personnel with the best merchandising, beautiful packaging, no defectives, and hassle-free products.

Our Capabilities and Team

Over 400 SKUs available in clam, blister, tray pack, wing, or floor display. On-site packaging and graphics department. Engineering and product development team is on site and is in 24/7 contact with our factories. A professionally staffed on-site customer service team is on-site ready to serve and provide world class customer service experience.